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Activex free form edit using in docx file using groupdoc HTML editor

We are looking for rendering the pre-generated DOCX file from content management solution in a groupdoc HTML editor.

The DOCX file will have a activex free form field embedded in it. User will be able only input the free form field data in the letter all the other content in the DOCX file is read only and he can do the local print for the given view.

Is there any solution in aspose which control free form edit, formatting of data , local print and downloading the edited content in aspose. Please share the integration details if available.Word (377.4 KB)


GroupDocs.Editor doesn’t provide such feature. However, we’re investigating the possibility. Your investigation ticket ID is EDITORNET-1455. As there’s any update, you’ll be notified.


Please note that GroupDocs.Editor supports input controls in WordProcessing documents, including text boxes, date pickers, check boxes, radio buttons, drop down lists etc. They are correctly represented in HTML/CSS during editing.
As we understood from the details you shared, you want not to edit the overall content of a document, but only to full-fill and edit data within form fields. However, at this moment using this approach may not be a good solution, because it is unclear how to gather data, entered by the end-user into the fields, on the server-side.
From our side we can offer the next approach: additional user option in the WordProcessingEditOptions class, where you can specify a CSS-class or auto-incremented ID value, which then will be injected to the HTML markup and applied only for the form fields. In such case you will be able to deactivate all other elements (using JavaScript) on the document except those, which have specific ID/class, and/or grab data especially from these form fields.
If you can share more details about your use-case that will be helpful for us, how exactly you want to edit the document and grab user-entered data from form fields on the server-side.

Thank you for sharing the above details. Can you share us the API reference so that we can try some POC around this component.

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We are currently investigating this. As there is any update, you will be notified.
Meanwhile, please explore API documentation, open-source GitHub UI-less and UI example projects. Have a look at this video demo.