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Was just taking a look at the signature control ( for a project we are doing, it looks promising however can you confirm if it would be compatible with an angular js frontend and .net web API backed.



Yes, GroupDocs.Signature for .NET is independent of front-end frameworks and can be used in the .NET based applications having AngularJS front-end.


Thank you @usman.aziz, for the quick response. Do you buy any chance have sample code of this setup handy? If not that is ok, it will make the evaluation a lot quicker and easier for me.



I am afraid that, at the moment, we don’t have a sample demo/code with the AngularJS front end and our current demos are based on jQuery.



We have got an update for you regarding the sample demo in AngularJS. We are currently in a process of migrating our open-source frontends to AngularJS and we expect to release them soon. You may also keep track of issue #26 on our GitHub repository for further updates.