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Any restrictions to GetSupportedFileTypes()?


I am using the newest .net version of comparison. Calling the GetSupportedFileTypes function did not return txt as suported file format.
The page shows much more file formats than the GetSupportedFileTypes() function returns on a Windows 10 system. What is the reason for the quantity of file formats?




Yes, TXT is a supported file format. We have logged this scenario in our internal issue tracking system with ID : COMPARISONNET-2077. Its now under investigation. You’ll be notified if there’s any further update.


Are there any updates available? For me it is a huge bug that I do not get all supported file formats like described in the documentation.



We’ll add list of all supported file formats in GetSupportedFileTypes method. You will avail it in upcoming release of the API that is expected at the end of this month.