Converting .xlsx to .html


Hi Support

I would like to ask about the converting excel file to HTML via gorupdocs
When I want to convert .xlsx file to HTML
1- can I convert specific sheet not the whole file’s sheet?
2- after the conversion are all the charts will be in the correct position with the same style?

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Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Conversion and posting your query. GroupDocs offers document conversion API for both .NET and Java environment/platform.

  1. Yes, you can convert any specific sheet (by specifying page number).
  2. Yes, they will (if it changes style or chart position, you can share the problematic file with us and we will investigate that at our end as well in order to provide you a solution).

Please tell us what is your environment (.NET or Java). We’ll share helpful resources with you as per your environment/platform details.


Hi @atirtahir3

thanks for your quick replay we using java

I would really appreciate if you could send me trial license to test the performance on our system




You can easily avail a temporary license that is actually a time-restricted full license here. You will find following resources helpful:

Please go through these resources and share your feedback.


Hi @atirtahir3

I did some tests on the library in java environment
So I tried to convert one sheet contains 2591 rows
and it takes 2minute 5 seconds to convert only one sheet to HTML and around 17 seconds to convert to jpg, to be honest, we found it long time because we work with huge files and some of them could contain millions of rows

another question
Is there a way to paginate the excel sheet, for example, reading from row 1 to row 25000




Can you please share following details with us:

  • Share the problematic file
  • Which version of the API you are using in the project?

We’ll then investigate the issue and share outcomes or work-around with you.


Hi @atirtahir3

I use the last version and I can’t upload the file because of the size it is 26mb
do you have email to send it



Thanks for the details. Please compress the problematic file in rar or zip format then try to upload.


35_11-4 R__TEST FLUID AND (2.6 MB)

Hi if you could not open the file please change the extension from .zip to .7z



We reproduced this issue at our end as well. Hence, it’s been logged in our internal issue tracking system with ID:CONVERSIONJAVA-468. As we have any update or work-around, we’ll apprise you.


Hi atirtahir3

any feedback on my issue ID:CONVERSIONJAVA-468




We’re investigating this issue. As we have any update, we’ll update you.


Hi @atirtahir3
Regarding the ticket ID:CONVERSIONJAVA-468
can we have the estimated time to get feedback about it ?




We didn’t have any ETA yet. As we have any update we shall notify you.



We would like to inform you that this feature shall be implemented in some upcoming release of the API. And release is expected in March. As we have further updates, we shall apprise you.


Hi @atirtahir3

that is good please let me know when the release is ready so I can do some tests




We shall notify you.


Hi @atirtahir3
any new or date for the release date?




We are working on the new release of GroupDocs.Conversion for Java. It will be finalized in May. We shall notify you once we have further updates.



We are pleased to inform you that you can now paginate the excel sheet. We introduced a new property ConvertRange in the API.
You can convert specific range when converting to other than cells format. Example: “D1:F8”.
Following are the new properties:

public String getConvertRange();
public void setConvertRange(String value); 

And usage:

com.groupdocs.conversion.converter.option.ImageSaveOptions saveOptions = new com.groupdocs.conversion.converter.option.ImageSaveOptions();

Hope it will be helpful for you.