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GetDocumentPageImageHandler occurs 403 forbidden


I followed this article to build a SharePoint document viewer

The main document can be viewed on the viewer. However, the thumbnails cannot be displayed (please see the attached file 01.png)

I tried to copy a thumbnail URL and paste it on browser. The browser shows 403 FORBIDDEN (please see the attached file 02.png)

I'm using the GroupDocs.Viewer v2.10.0

Any help will be appreciated?



We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. This bug related to the SharePoint security system. If you try to open pdf document instead docx or doc document the thumbnails will be shown. This issue happens only with word documents since the thumbnails uses images. To resolve the issue try to use .UseHtmlBasedEngine(true, true) instead .UseHtmlBasedEngine(true) in the GetInlineDocumentScript method.

Please notify us with the results.


Tried to use UseHtmlBasedEngine(true, true), cannot solve the problem.

Tried to use UseHtmlBasedEngine(true, true, true), the problem has been solved.

Thanks for your reply.



Thank you for the notification. We glad to hear that the issue is resolved and all works fine for you.

Thank you.