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Getting evaluation message for a paid license on GroupDocs Viewer


After updating my GroupDocs.Viewer.lic file in my project (after renewing it) when I now view any document in the Groupdoc Viewer I get an evaluation message and Aspose watermark:

image.png (32.2 KB)

How can I fix this?



The evaluation watermark appears at the top of each page when either the API is being used in trial mode or the license is not applied properly. First of all, I would recommend you to cross-check the following:

  • Verify that you are using the new license file in your application.
  • Double-check that your application has access to the location where the license file is placed and also, the current user with whom the application is being accessed has permissions to that location/path.
  • Make sure the input document’s pages do not already have the evaluation message.
  • Check if your code does not catch an exception thrown by API’s licensing code.
  • Clear GroupDocs.Viewer’s cache folder and try again.

In case the issue persists, please share with us your license file via private message (see how to send a private message). Furthermore, please also share with us the version of GroupDocs.Viewer you are using.