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I Want to Convert My MBOX to PDF

It keeps crashing before anything happens. Is it because my MBOX file is too large?


Thank you for contacting. Please provide more details about this issue:

  • Version of GroupDocs.Viewer you’re using
  • Sample code or sample app
  • The file that you’re trying to convert
  • The error message

I can’t remember which one, but here’s the details I can give: I have an mbox file that’s over 1 GB. I want to move it to a flash drive. I’m under the impression that in order to do so I have to convert it to a different format; therefore, I’ve been trying to convert it to a pdf. If you have a product that can do so I would be interested.


GroupDocs.Viewer and GroupDocs.Conversion support conversion MBOX to PDF.

I found the conversion app has no file size restriction, unless I’m mistaken. It seemed to be working but it didn’t finish converting yesterday. I’m going to try again today! I’ll report back with success if and when I find it!


Ok, feel free to contact us in case of any questions.

I seem to have a recurring issue. Unfortunately when I select" convert now" I have a window that says “status” open, with a blue bar under “status”–the window also has to the top left in it “converting…”–all this to say, none of these procedures reach completion no matter how long I let them run. I believe the blue bar marks completion; it stays in the same position the entire time.


Can you please share the sample app and if possible so we could investigate this issue.

Here is the link to the downloadable versions…I picked the latest one for Windows.


Would you like a screenshot of my issue during my process of downloading?


This issue has been moved to this topic. Please follow it and my colleagues will try to help to resolve this issue.

Do I need to provide more information, such as what file I’m converting?


Yes, please provide the file in this topic. I’m looking this one.