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Issue in Arabic font PDF Conversion


Dear Team,

   Requesting you to help on the below scenario, We are using groupdocs pdf converter java library for pdf conversion, where some of the Arabic fonts are changed after PDF conversion.  Is there any support available from GroupDocs where we can get help on this. 

Please find the attached docx template and its respective converted pdf document for your reference.

ConversionIssue.png (4.8 KB)



Can you please upload/attach DOCX file again? You just attached an image and PDF file.
Secondly, please share API version that you integrated in the project and the sample code.


Hi Team, please find the below requested details, unable to upload the .docx file so please find the shared link. //Conversion code
/Setup Conversion configuration/
ConversionConfig conversionConfig = new ConversionConfig();
SaveOptions saveOptions = new ImageSaveOptions();
saveOptions = new PdfSaveOptions();

		/*Initializing the Conversion Handler*/
		ConversionHandler conversionHandler = new ConversionHandler(conversionConfig);
		/*Converting Document*/
		GroupDocsInputStream converted = conversionHandler.convert(templatename + "Datatemp" + ".docx",saveOptions);
		/*Creating temporary file to save Converted File data*/
		Path result = Paths.get(tempoutFileName);

//Groupdoc version




We cannot reproduce this issue using version 19.10. This is the output.pdf (78.5 KB) we got. Please integrate v19.10 in your project and let us know if issue persists.


@atirtahir3 Thanks for the findings. As you said i tried integrating V19.10 in my project but still we are facing the same issue. I forget to mention the Font we used for designing the template.

It works fine with most of the Arabic Fonts but our client requested for this specific one
Font Used for Template design : HelveticaNeueLT Arabic 55 Roman
While using this particular font we are facing that issue i mentioned in the above. (318.7 KB)out.pdf (130.3 KB)
Please find the attached out.pdf file generated using V19.10 for your reference.



Thanks for sharing the font details. This scenario has been logged in our internal issue tracking system with ID : CONVERSIONJAVA-818. We are now further investigating it. As there is any update, we’ll notify you.