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Issue when compare 2 file docx using japanese


when i comparing 2 files docx using japaness: font MS Mincho, result is not good. When I change the color for some word, the results return a difference whole document. Results as below:
111.jpg (71.3 KB)
222I.jpg (92.2 KB)
333.PNG (24.0 KB)

  • And some questions :
  • Does the summary page convert English to Japanese text?
  • Is it possible to set the background color for additional text and delete text?
    Hope you can answer each of my questions, thank you.



We need problematic files (source and target) in order to reproduce the issue then we will further investigate it.

There is no such feature. API cannot do language conversion.

You can do following style settings if an item is deleted or inserted:

  • Set color for the deleted/inserted item
  • Begin separator string
  • End separator string
  • Set Italic/bold

See complete details here.


Hi, this is problematic files (source-targe; 1-2) that you can check.

  • japaness source and target: when i change the color for some word, the results return a difference whole document.
  • files 1 ,2 : when i comparing, results return content border all page for add content and delete content.
    Look forward to your feedback soon. (47.4 KB)



We investigated both scenarios at our end. Let me share the results:

  • If I compare Japaneses source and target files, I don’t get any style change in output document (although there is a font color change that must be detected) right?
  • It always adds a border in the output file for 1 and 2 files comparison.

Hence, we’ve logged both issues in our internal issue tracking system with ID : COMPARISONJAVA-605. As we have any further update on this, we’ll notify you.


Yes, the content as I mentioned in 333.png, output document detected style change .
File 1, 2 : The result is not correct.



We’re investigating this issue.


Hi, @atirtahir3,
Some issues with, .xlsx: output is not correct.The result is not the same as the docx comparison. As below: (18.6 KB)
I am not understanding how to compare in .xlsx file. The results are different in some cases. As sample above, deleted content is covered with a red border instead of a red text, while the content is added only the blue text.
Please explain to me if that is your feature when comparing .xlsx files. Thanks.



This issue is under investigation and your issue ID is COMPARISONJAVA-607. We’ll notify you as we have any further update.


Hi, I have received information that an error has occurred on messages, but I will still send more information to the files I tested so that you can get more information. Hope the next version will be okay and give me feedback as soon as possible when there is a better version. Thanks for the enthusiastic help. (240.8 KB)



Thanks for the details. We’ll let you know if we need any further information from you.