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Issue with conversion .docx (with table of content) to .html


I’d like to report an issue with conversion .docx to .html.

When I try to get first 7 pages or less the component works fine,
but when I try to get first 10 pages component throws an exception.

The problem seems to be with document’s “table of content”, because when I remove it component works fine even for much bigger documents.

Example .docx document is attached. (37.3 KB)

System.InvalidOperationException: Stack empty

There was a similar issue:

Component is for .NET v18.10

Can you please advise me?

Kind regards



Thank you for your inquiry.
Can you please share sample code or project using that we can reproduce this issue?

Using provided file, we can successfully generate output - (40.9 KB)


Example is attached. (37.9 KB)

I also tried Component is for .NET v18.11 with no luck.



Thanks for sharing the sample code. This issue is now reproduced at our end. We are working on it, your investigation ticket ID is CONVERSIONNET-2863. As we have any update on it, we shall notify you.