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Params URL


Hello, I need to go through the URL the name or path of the document to display. Does anyone know how to do it? Thanks



I am afraid that we are unable to get what exactly your requirement is. Could you please provide us some more details about your scenario?


I need to load a document in the viewer by passing the name of the document in the url. The documentDefault parameter is static and I need to change it dynamically.



Please also mention the name of the front end application you are using.


The viewer is embedded in an xhtml page with an iframe with PrimeFaces



Have you embedded any of our open source applications which are hosted on GitHub repository? If yes, would you please share the name of the application?




Thanks for sharing the required information. We noticed that you have also logged your query on GitHub as issue #40, therefore, we have updated the issue with the details you have provided here. Please keep track of the that issue for further updates.