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Performance is worse of Groupdocs version 16.10.1 compared with version 1.3.0



We did some performance testing with GroupDocs conversion for version 16.10.0 and 1.3.0, the result of v16 is worse than v1.3.0.
You can see from in attachment.


Hi Michelle,

Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Conversion for Java and posting your concerns.
We tried to reproduce same performance issue at our end with a 50 paged (1.05MB) Word document. It took almost 17 seconds to convert it to PDF. Please find the attached screenshot.
Can you please share the problematic files and code? We’d like to further investigate this scenario using sample code and files.

Kind regards


Hi Atirtahir,

Thanks for your fast replying.
My concern is v16.10.1 is worse than v1.3.0. For the 17 seconds to convert, how is configuration for your testing?

Attached my test data and sample code for both versions.


Hi Michelle,

Thanks for sharing the concerned files.
According to your performance table, it takes almost 261586 seconds to convert a 570 paged PDF. But it took 550 seconds at our end to convert same PDF document.
how is configuration for your testing?
We’d recommend you to clone/download our official example project and try conversion processes and share your feedback.

Kind regards


Hi Atir,

The time we used is ms, 251586 ms, that’s 25 seconds, I have written in the screenshot.
Actually we concerned is time taken compared between two versions, so can you check that?


Hi Atir,

Just want to correct, 261586 seconds = 72.6 hours. It should be 261586 milliseconds. What Michelle’s concern is the time taken in GroupDocs 16.10.1 is slower than previous version which is 1.3.0.

Please CMIIW, Michelle.


Hi Agustino,

Sorry for the misunderstanding, considering the results in milliseconds that were provided in the performance table, GroupDocs.Conversion for Java 16.10.1 is performing slow.
We have logged this performance issue in our internal issue tracking system with ID:CONVERSIONJAVA-386. As we get any update from the concerned team, we will notify you.

Kind regards


Hi Atir,

Any update on this issue?

This is my performance result.
Since get total pages is not available in GroupDocs 16.10.1, I use approach that suggested in this thread

This is the result for converting 2 pages (time unit: milliseconds)
A -> Get total page
B -> Get 1st page
C -> Get 2nd page
D -> Total time taken

OS Windows 10 Home
Processor Intel Core i7-5500U CPU @ 2.40GHz
JDK Oracle JDK 1.8.0_60
JVM -Xms5G -Xmx5G

PDF (570 pages) DOCX (50 pages) PPTX (38 pages)
Groupdocs 1.3.0 1,323 2,839 2,715 6,877 4,343 1,612 1,154 7,109 6,291 7,168 2,642 16,101
Groupdocs 16.1​0.1 69,110 268,618 266,152 603,880 7,833 28,708 33,963 70,504 31,237 42,168 34,735 108,140​

Hi Agustino,

We haven't got any update yet. However, we have asked the concerned team about status of the issue. As we hear any words from them, we'll notify you. We'll appreciate you patience.

Kind regards



We’d like to inform you that CONVERSIONJAVA-386 is now fixed in GroupDocs.Conversion for Java 18.7. Please download latest version of the API and share your feedback.