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We shall share an ETA of fix in the middle of the next week, because this issue is still under investigation.


We faced another problem with conversion. I’ve attached XLSX file which can eat up to 2 GB RAM while converting and never complete.
The original file was like 4.4 MB, but due to your policy I cannot attach more than 4 MB, so I reduce file size by removing about 20k rows.
Clx-March2018-SMS - (3.6 MB)



Are you trying to convert this XLSX to HTM or PDF? Please tell the output format type.


GroupDocs.Conversion.dll Version is 18.8.0



We have reproduced this issue at our end. We are further investigating it. Hence, it has been logged in our internal issue tracking system with ID:CONVERSIONNET-2728. As we have any update on it, you shall be notified.



We’d like to inform you that your reported issues CONVERSIONNET-2728 and CONVERSIONNET-2569 are now resolved in GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET 18.10.



Thanks for the update,
However we still can replicate 2569.
2728 - also same, cannot convert, eat about 2 GB RAM & 100 CPU.

Can you double check on your side?



Let us guide you about CONVERSIONNET-2728.
At the moment you can’t convert both sheets/pages (a multi-paged excel file) at the same time. You can convert the first worksheet or the second worksheet separately as follows:

Set options to convert first page/sheet

var saveOptions = new HtmlSaveOptions
       PageNumber = 1,
       NumPagesToConvert = 1, 

Set options to convert second page/sheet

var saveOptions = new HtmlSaveOptions
       PageNumber = 2,
       NumPagesToConvert = 1, 

As far as CONVERSIONNET-2569 is concerned, it is under investigation. We shall notify you as we have any further updates.



Do you mean all excel files with more than 1 sheet will give me same performance issue?
Do you mean it is correct application behavior when it eat all the server memory?



Conversion process has improved.
Please note that if you try to convert a multi-paged worksheet into HTML without specifying PageNumber and NumPagesToConvert, conversion process will never come to an end. It will consume a lot of memory and end up with out of memory exception.

In order to convert a multi-paged worksheet (without a lot of memory consumption), we’d recommend you to convert one page at a time by specifying PageNumber and NumPagesToConvert. This is a fast way to convert a multi-paged worksheet.

var saveOptions = new HtmlSaveOptions
     PageNumber = 1, //set PageNumber to 2 for second page and 3 for third page
     NumPagesToConvert = 1, 
var convertedDocumentPath = conversionHandler.Convert(inputFile, saveOptions);
convertedDocumentPath.Save("result-" + Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(inputFile) + ".html");

Or you can loop over sheets/pages of a worksheet as follows:

for (int i = 1; i < 3; i++)
     var convertedDocumentPath = conversionHandler.Convert(Common.inputGUIDFile, new 
     HtmlSaveOptions { PageNumber = i, NumPagesToConvert = 1});
     convertedDocumentPath.Save("result-" + Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(Common.inputGUIDFile) +i+ ".html");

No, please follow the work-around that we shared in order to get improved results.

It will never eat that much memory if you follow the work-around.



How can I know how many sheets have the excel file?

I’ve also tried simple excel file with 2 sheets - and didn’t get any issues…



You can count number of sheets as follows:

DocumentInfo docInfo = conversionHandler.GetDocumentInfo(sourceFile);
int numberOfSheets = docInfo.PageCount;
for (int i = 1; i <= numberOfSheets; i++)
       var convertedDocumentPath = conversionHandler.Convert(sourceFile, new HtmlSaveOptions { PageNumber = i, NumPagesToConvert = 1 });
       convertedDocumentPath.Save("result-" + Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(sourceFile) + i + ".html");

Glad to hear that.



Do you have any system requirements for GroupDocs.Conversion?

Like CPU and RAM requirements to use conversion for 5MB, 20MB and 50MB files?



We can not provide you information about possible hardware requirements. Because document conversion depends on multiple factors including document size and content.
Conversion of a 5MB document with tabular content and text styles may take more time or utilize more resources than a 5MB document with simple paragraphs.
However, these are the minimal system requirements to run GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET.


Any updates on 2569? It’s already like 3-4 month issue not resolved…



CONVERSIONNET-2569 is a core level API issue. We are trying to fix this. We’ll share ETA of fix as we have any further update on it.