Setting Default Font


There appears to be a setDefaultFont method for Slides document loading options. Is there such a method for the more general class of LoadOptions? We’re having significant font rendering issues, setting a reasonable default would be helpful. If there is something that can be changed in the environment instead that would also be a good option. Please advise what information is necessary to answer this question.



Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Conversion and posting your concerns. Can you please mention version and platform of the API (Java or .NET) you are evaluating?


17.04 for Java.



Do you mean 17.3.0? Because currently, it is the latest version of the API.

We have logged your scenario as an investigation in our internal issue tracking system. As we get any update from the concerned team, you’ll be notified.



Isn’t following code working out for you:

SlidesLoadOptions loadOptions = new SlidesLoadOptions(); 

This code is still supported in 17.3.0 version of the API. Please see if you can set a default font and perform documents conversion without any issue.


I want to load a default font for all document types, not just slides.



We’ve forwarded your scenario to the concerned team. As we get any update from them, we’ll surely notify you.


I want this feature in .NET library. I have a scenario where a user-uploaded file might be using a non-standard font. Currently the output of PDF conversion is horrific because of the fallback font. I wish to be able to control the default font for fallback.




We created a new thread for your query. And your issue shall be addressed there.