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Some text is too light when rendering .pptx files


groupdocs version: 18.7 for java
os: Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS

some text (specifically subheading text) is rendered too light when converting a .pptx document. this document was generated from a google slides -> powerpoint conversion and the default text color for subheading shows up as very light when rendered in groupdocs. rendering it in libreoffice renders it a more correct shade. (28.7 KB)



Thank you for your inquiry.

Can you please share the problematic file, output and the source code with us?
Furthermore, we’d recommend you to use latest version of the API that is 18.12.


hi atir! thanks for the response.

the original zip above has the .pptx but it also has pathing info for the file (sorry).

this (57.6 KB) has both the .pptx as well as images showing rendering done with groupdocs and libreoffice.

please let me know if you have any further questions.



also, if the solution is to use 18.12, i’d love to do that, but i need this issue resolved first: Stax2 inclusion from 18.12 creates a class resolver conflict




Can you please mention, in which format you’re converting this PPTX file (PDF, Image, Word etc.)? Do you always get (against each resultant file) fade/light subheading in the output document?

We’ll notify you as we have any update on this.



sorry for missing the obvious info. we are going from .pptx to .pdf.

it seems to always happen with documents that were created in google slides which get exported to .pptx.




We are investigating this issue. Your investigation ticket ID is CONVERSIONJAVA-545. As we have further updates on it, we’ll notify you.



Your reported issue CONVERSIONJAVA-545 is now resolved in API version 19.4.