Specific Pdf file viewer api 500 error


In our .Net Core api with Groupdocs Viewer project.
Most of the pdf are okay. But there is some specific pdf documents our customers upload and its not open in viewer.
It gets “Something went wrong” and at network loadDocumentDescription is getting http 500 error.

Note: This is in .Net Core project viewer but I tried this Groupdocs live demo viewer too. It gets error at there too.

I attached the screenshots and project for more detail

Thank you

error1.PNG (20.5 KB)

error3.PNG (46.6 KB)

GroupDocsViewerNetProjectCode.zip (144.0 KB)

Pdf File Link:

liveDEMOerror.PNG (47.6 KB)


Thank you for attaching the source file and the details. I can reproduce this issue on my end. I can see that some pages of this document are corrupted e.g. page 143. We’ll further investigate this issue and share the details with you. The issue ID for reference is VIEWERNET-4583.


Is there any update yet?

Thank you.


Unfortunately, we don’t have any updates at the moment.


This issue was fixed in GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 24.2. To fix the issue in your application please update GroupDocs.Viewer.UI.SelfHost.Api to 6.0.22.

<PackageReference Include="GroupDocs.Viewer.UI.SelfHost.Api" Version="6.0.22" />

Some of the document pages are corrupted, we can’t render corrupted pages, so they are rendered as blank pages.