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Update changes in document comparison API for .NET

@atirtahir3 Thank you for your support. Will be waiting for the solution.

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You are welcome.

Can we get the complete Changes[ ] after ApplyChanges() are done, as when we do apply changes then in comparer.GetChanges() only the “ComparisonAction.None” values are available, before the ApplyChanges() all type of Action values are available.

So here i need all ComparisonAction type values after the ApplyChanges() also.

Can you help me out is there any possibility to get.
Thanks in advance


Please have a look at the following code:

GroupDocs.Comparison.Result.ChangeInfo[] changes = comparer.GetChanges();
GroupDocs.Comparison.Result.ChangeInfo[] changes2 = comparer.GetChanges();
for (int i = 0; i < changes.Length; i++)
        if (changes[i].Type == GroupDocs.Comparison.Options.ChangeType.Inserted)
               changes[i].ComparisonAction = 
comparer.ApplyChanges(@"D:/Comparison TOC/output.docx", new ApplyChangeOptions { Changes = changes }); 

Before applying ApplyChanges method, changes object had ComparisonAction.None. And after ApplyChanges, it has ComparisonAction.Reject. However, second object, changes2 has ComparisonAction.None as no changes are applied for this. Is this something you are looking at? Can you please share more details on this use-case?