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404 errors in Annotation Try It Now Demo


trying out annotations demo, getting 404 dialog popup errors on any action (redline/strikethrough, etc.) I have a screen shot if you want it.

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Hi Greg,

Many thanks for getting in touch, and bringing this issue to our attention.

The issue that you are seeing only occurs if you are currently already logged into GroupDocs, if you log out of before you check the demo, you will not see this issue.

I've raised a ticket against this issue to warn a user if already logged in to log out before using the embedded Annotation demo.

King regards,


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OK -- cool :). Hey, another quick question for you, do you know when the
Conversion functionality will be added to the PHP API/SDK? Been playing
around with the API, and that's the only thing that's missing that would be

Thanks, G



Hi there. Just noticed within the app, using the comparison functionality
(either the "standard" or 2.0beta), the comparison of 2 slightly different
versions of the same word doc fails (see below). Also, when I use the PHP
API to compare the same docs, I get a bad CompareResponse (only contains a
job_id => 0). Should I attempt some different docs, or is the comparison
system down right now? Thanks! - Greg H

[image: Inline image 1]