A bug of update metadata - most info in the Details will lost after change some metadata


Hi, we found a bug that if we change the metadata of a file, and store file content to the specific path, the most info in the Details will lost. And we find the lost info seems to be not managed by the ‘GroupDocs.Metadata’.

Our test codes as below:

public static void Test()


string spath = @"C:\Users\User\Desktop\source.jpg";

JpegFormat jpegFormat = new JpegFormat(spath);

JpegExifInfo exif = (JpegExifInfo)jpegFormat.ExifValues;

exif.Artist = string.Empty;

string fpath = @"C:\Users\User\Desktop\Change.jpg";



The attachment contains test files and result.


Thank you for pointing out the issue. We will try to reproduce it at our end and will get back to you with the results.


Hi, how is it going? Can you reproduce this issue or need our help?



We were able to reproduce the issue and have forwarded the issue to our product team. We will try to fix this issue at our earliest and will let you know once the issue is resolved.



We are glad to inform you that this issue has been resolved now. Kindly update the API package to the latest version i-e 17.9.0 which allows updating the metadata of a file while keeping the existing metadata intact.


Thanks. We will update the API and test it.


Glad to hear that. Looking forward to your response.