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About digital signature availability in Angular5

Is there a version of the component that is compatible with Angular 5?

Hi, @Lilit

Thank you for your interest with GroupDocs Signature.

The main Signature product implements as standalone server side (back-end) library.
For the Front-End solutions you may use any API oriented services you prefer

The only thing this requires exact behavior when working with the API, like

  • upload document on storage
  • request some operation (adding Digital Signature, verify or search)
  • receive signed document

Please share if it helps you or you are looking for other solutions?

Thank you!

Hi @yuriy.mazurchuk

Thank you, for your response!

And what about your viewer product? Is there front-end library for this one?

Hi @Lilit
you see, each these product (Signature/Viewer) supports working with the many document formats. so from the front-end perspective it would be extremely big weight client-side library. All GroupDocs products at this moment are the back-end library and for front-end there’s ability to use cloud API or implement own client-side gateway to call back-end
more similar examples here

so like you may try using on back-end Signature/Viewer and organize calls from your front-end to custom back-end API ( like having on the server Signature library to handle your requests)
I hope I did not mess the things up to you))
Please feel free to ask if there’s some unclear points.
Thank you!

Hi @Lilit,

Yes, the Angular component can be found at The source code is located at

To see it in action you can check our free online GroupDocs.Viewer App that is using the Viewer component.