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Absolute image position when converting XLSX to HTML in .NET


We have a problem with absolute positioning of images in the generated HTML files.
As we are using your generated HTML files embedded into our own page, the absolute positioning messed with other elements.
image.png (2.7 KB)

I’ve attached the source XLSX document, as well as the output HTML
Absolute Image (17.1 KB)

GroupDocs.Viewer 21.4.1 with the following options was used:
options.SpreadsheetOptions = SpreadsheetOptions.ForOnePagePerSheet();
options.SpreadsheetOptions.RenderGridLines = true;

Is it possible to change the image positioning to “relative” somehow?


In this case the span is absolutely positioned inside td see so it should be OK to embed HTML as absolute positioning is relative to it’s parent according to CSS position Property. Could you please show how do you embed HTML into your page?