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Accent-sensitive search engine



Actually, the search engine of the viewer is accent-sensitive (image: ACCENTSENSITIVE.jpg).

For searchs in spanish documents, it would be better that the search engine ignore accents.

Thank you.

Alexis Rosano.


Hello Alexis,

Thank for the request and screenshots. But we need to know for which rendering engine you need this feature? GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET has 2 rendering engines: image-based and HTML-based, and for each rendering engine there is a completely different searching mechanism.

So please specify which rendering engine you are using for displaying the documents and our developers will try to implement your requirement for it.

Waiting for your response.


For both would be great.

Thank you.


Hello Alexis,

Thanks for the response and for the clarification. This feature was added to the roadmap and will be implemented soon. We will notify you in this thread when it will be ready.