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two small files in the zip folders are the one give the cache xml denierd error more often, bigger files are fine



Thanks for sharing the sample files. We’ll get back to you as soon as we have any updates. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.



Thanks for your patience. Would you please provide us the following details.

  • Type of the user account used for scheduler (Administrator or Standard User account)
  • Type of the user account used for WCF Service (Administrator or Standard User account)

Furthermore, as you are using version 17.4.0 of GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET, therefore, we have created a custom build (download) of version 17.4.0 for you. In this custom build, we have changed the list of required permissions to open Mutex. Please try the custom build of GroupDocs.Viewer at your end and check if the issue persists. We will also suggest you to try running both applications (scheduler and web app) under the same account and check if the issue persists.

Important: The provided custom build is only for testing and it will work for 7 days and will stop working on 01/30/18. In case it helped to fix the issue we’ll prepare fully functional build without 7 days limitation.


Thanks for the quick response. I tried your new dll with mutex fix and it seems to work for me locally( i can reproduce locally with old dll).Can you give us a functional builld dll for this?Once i get new dll ,all i need to update in my side is GroupDocs.Viewer.dll and GroupDocs.Viewer.xml correct?We can still use same license file correct?

When we were able to reproduce this with old dll we had different accounts for web and scheduler,we want to keep that way

  1. scheduler ( running under user portaldev\svc.afservices which was a administrator to scheduler machine and also given full access to read and write to network path)
    2)WCF Service running under user portaldev\svc.afwebpool which was a administrator to rest service machine and also given full access to read and write to network path)



Thanks for your response.

Yes, all you will have to do is replace the old DLL with the new one and the same license will work for that. We’ll recommend you to take some time and do some more testing. Once it is confirmed that the issue is not happening with custom build, we’ll provide you the fully functional build.

Thanks for providing the details. We’ll let you know in case of further updates.


Thanks. I will test till tomorrow and will let you know the final test result.Then you can proceed tomorrow on creating new build dll





I can not reproduce the mutex error with your new dll after more testing.Can you give proceed to give a new build dll for that?



Thanks for your response. Its good to know that the issue is fixed in the custom build. We will now proceed to create the fully functional build. As soon as we have any updates, we’ll ping you here.


Thanks usman, good job



You are welcome.


Earliest you can give will be the great



You can download the fixed build from here. In case you would face any issue, please do let us know.


Thanks, you have a good week end.We are testing the new dll more in our dev environment now



Sure, you are welcome.



The issue you have found earlier (filed as VIEWERNET-1493) has been fixed in this update.


is this the 18.1 version you mentioned?
i have to download Groupdocs.Viewer Product Family right?



Thanks for coming back. The issue is fixed in the latest version which is 18.3. You can download it from here or install it via NuGet.


thanks for the response



You are welcome.