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Amazon S3 Bucket Files preview

Dear Team,

We are moving our storage path to amazon s3 bucket, and we need to preview those file. previously we are using java viewer 17 api. Please provide any pulg and play java application for preview amazon s3 files.


Thanks for using GroupDocs.Viewer.

GroupDocs.Viewer provides InputDataHandler interface to use AmazonS3 as your document storage in your application. You can learn about how to implement and use InputDataHandler from this documentation article. Furthermore, you can also download the example project to see the implementation and usage. Hope it helps.


We wanted to deploy GroupDocs.Viewer Product Family plugin for Java into HA mode which will run under auto scaling group which will run in one location called London.

Currently we are considering to have one developer and one deployment location. So here wanted to know that what is location stands for in your license pattern?

Please also let us know the best suitable license model after going through our use case.

Please provide quick answer.

Thanks for your cooperation.


Your query related to the license has been moved to the appropriate forum category. Please follow this topic for further updates.