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Angular implementation

Hello, were using Angular 10 and .NET 4.7. I’m trying to get the Viewer running in angular and our Team saw your online Viewer with various features. I found this Project and tried to get it to run. but I can’t find the backend or anything I could use. Is there any example project or Instruction I could follow?


Yes, this Angular project was developed specifically for GroupDocs UI applications. As you are interested in document viewer application. Please note that GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET is a UI agnostic, back-end API that could be integrated in any .NET application without third party tool/software dependency.
Hence, you could develop your own UI using Angular or any technology. The core feature of API is to take a source file as input, render it to PDF, Image or HTML. Later, the resultant file could be displayed in browser using any Scripting language (e.g. source file to Image rendering). Again, it’s totally up to your business logic or use-case, how to view the rendered file in browser. Have a look at this basic application that demonstrates this scenario.

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