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Annotate and download document using Java demo project


We have been evaluating GroupDocs.Annotation v1.7.1. Whilst it seems that the online demo version supports downloading an annotated document, in the servlet sample comes with version 1.7.1 only supports downloading the original document.

Could someone please let us know how could we achieve this? If GroupDocs Conversion is required for this, please also let us know how these 2 tools (Annotation and Conversion) could be combined. A pointer to such sample is helpful.

Your help is greatly appreciated.



Hello Azma,

Thank you for interest in the GroupDocs. Sorry to see you have this problem. By default the option to export annotated document should be enabled ( Please, make sure you followed the configuration, installation and running steps as in the Readme file.

Are there some errors in browser console or in the tomcat log file?

The GroupDocs.Conversion for Java library is not necessary to have an export feature. This is the GroupDocs.Annotation library feature.

Hi Ihor,

Many thanks for your reply. I have checked back the feature and found issuing all the rights to a user does enabling the feature (i.e., downloading the annotated doc).

Once again, thanks for the great help.


Hello Azam,

You are welcome. Glad to see that now everything works as intended. Feel free to contact us in case of any questions.