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Annotation API ASP.NET MVC demo not working on touchscreen

Hi GroupDocs,

The annotation tools work fine for mouse, but for touchscreen it does not seem to be working. It looks like its not detecting the touch drag movements and/or the touch clicks correctly. Please refer to the following video:

Is there a way to get it working like the Microsoft Paint application shown at the end?

(This is for .NET framework)


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Can you please tell which of our GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET projects you are using/evaluating? We’ll then assist you accordingly.

This is the “GroupDocs.Annotation-for-.NET-MVC” project.


This issue has been logged on GitHub. We’ll further investigate it. Please follow this link for future correspondence. However, as there is any update, you’ll be notified here as well.


Hello, any updates or estimate time for fix? Thanks


This is still under investigation. We’ll notify you as there is any update.