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Annotation API sample project in Spring Java


I noticed the following lines in the mvc-config.xml in the provided spring sample:

Can you explain me what is it for? Especially the first line is strange as it contains the webapp name in the mapping. That means that if I rename the .war archive I need to modify that file as well, is that correct? Can I remove that line? Concerning the second line - if I want to embed the viewer one level down, can/should I change that mapping to be /viewer/assets/** ?

Thanks in advance for your help,
Hi Mariusz,

Sure, I’ll explain these directives. resources Spring directive maps resource URLs (requests) to the physical location. In this particular case, it maps /document-viewer/assets/** resources to be loaded from the /assets/ folder of the GroupDocs.Annotation jar file.

Better not to remove these lines, even the first one, because here “document-viewer” is not the name of the war file it’s a part of the request URL. You can examine network tab in your browser developer tools. There are requests with “document-viewer” part.

You can try to modify these resources directives but make it sure to correlate with applicationPath configuration setting.