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Annotation API toolbar issue in Java


I use the annotation library 1.8 for java and have a a strange problem: the toolbar is unvisible. In HTML is to see :

<div class=“tools_container embed_annotation_tools ui-draggable” style=“top: 100px; display: none; margin-right: 0px;” data-bind=“style: {display: $root.canAnnotate() && ($root.isToolbarEnabled || !$root.embeddedAnnotation) ? ‘’ : ‘none’}”>

In there are following lines:

AnnotationHandler annotationHandler = new AnnotationHandler(serviceConfiguration, connector);
if (connector instanceof ICustomConnector){
// This callback will be called for each case when collaborator should be created
annotationHandler.setCollaboratorCallback(new ICallback<Pair<Integer, Color>, Pair<IUser, IDocument>>() {
public Pair<Integer, Color> onCallback(Pair<IUser, IDocument> param) {
IUser user =;
IDocument document = param.two;
// User collaborator for document will be created with returned access rights and color
// Default CollaboratorCallback is made similarly
return new Pair<Integer, Color>(AccessRights.All.value(),;

// Register annotation handler provider for possibility to inject annotationHandler as context
environment.addProvider(new AnnotationHandlerProvider(annotationHandler));

In configuration.yml:
#Show toolbar
showToolbar: true

Could you say me where and what must I change/add to make the tollbar visible?

Thanks in advance
Hello Alexey,

The visibility of the top panel is configured with the showHeader parameter, not the showToolbar one. Please, check if it is set to true:
#Show header
showHeader: true

Hi, thank you for quickly answer. I think you have me false understood. Please see the image:

toolbar error
Hello Alexey,

Sorry, indeed, I’ve misunderstood you. By default the toolbar should work. Please inspect if there are no errors in the application log or in the browser developer tool console.

Hello Ihor,
I believe i have founded the reason of the problem. I use the old annotation that are created with version 1.7. If I start a new annotation process on new document that has no annotations, is all ok. If I continue annotating of document that has annotations that are created with version 1.7 is the toolbar invisible. I think the format of user's rights in version 1.7 is not compatible with format in version 1.8
Hello Alexey,

Strange, but we were not able to reproduce this issue. What we’ve done:
1. Started this sample with the v.1.7.0 library.
2. Added text annotation and comment to it.
3. Quitted the sample and started the 1.8.0 one (
The toolbar was visible as should be.

Can you reproduce this issue in the clear environment (remember to clear the temp directory)?

Are you sure there are no errors in the application log or in the browser console (i.e. related to WebSockets or Atmosphere)?

Otherwise, you can provide us all steps you perform to reproduce this issue to the smallest detail (environment, configuration). Also, you can attach here source code for every project (1.7, 1.8) and temporary folder so we can examine it.