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Annotation Collaborator UI



We noticed that the collaborators interface to add and manage users has been removed from our api installation. We prefer this, but wanted to confirm that it will not appear again, as we did not amend this feature. If it is intermittent, is there a way to disable annotation collaborators? We have our own method for collaboration.



Thank you for your request. Yes, the functional for collaborators was removed from the embeded UI and we don’t have plans to return it.



I opened a document for annotation and then opened the tab and found the collaborator information. I thought this was gone? It appears that it comes back periodically.



Thank you for the request. The user managing functional is available in the embed annotation only in case that the current user is added as a collaborator to the document. You can manage which collaborator will have which access rights and since that what he will be able to do. To set access rights you should use “access_rights” parameter for the reviewer_info object.