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Hello, everybody.

I have a specific need on my WP website and was wondering if your plugin could do the trick. Since I am not a programmer, I wasn’t able to find my own answers so, sorry if I ask something obvious here.

I have a WP website which is a learning system. There are many video courses available, and anyone can register to have access to them. We also work with memberships, so different levels have access to more tools.

What we need now is a plugin that will save user-generated notes on certain pages (video pages, inside the course). The user registers, start watching a course and make notes. Everything from the front-end, none of them have access to the dashboard. Whenever the user comes back to the same video page, his/her notes are saved there. Also, only the user can view those notes.

I am also not familiar with GroupDocs, but it would be good if the user didn’t need to register in another place to use this feature.

Am I in the right place? Sorry for the big chaos here and I appreciate the help.




Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs. At this time GroupDocs.Annotation plugin work in another way - it allows to annotate only on documents (.doc .pdf etc.) and all users will see the same document and all annotations. Since that the requested feature should be developed as custom plugin. To decide if developing this customization will financially viable for use we need to know some additional information about your web site. Could you please provide the following info:

1 The size of the website

2 The number of notes (documents) that would be created each month

3 The number of users who visit your site

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.



This is the alpha website:

1) In which parameters would you like that information? Number of pages?

2/3) It’s a new website, so I can’t really tell until it’s on… But I would calculate that each new subscriber would be able to crate a note in every lesson inside a course. So it would be subscriber*total number of lesson on the website.

I know my information really doesn’t help, is it possible to quote anyway?
Also, would this be a monthly-based payment according to use or you can develop a customization that will work regardless of use?

Thank you!