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Annotatiton Print button not visible


I downloaded your application from the url here.

As in Picture1, the print button does not come to the interface.

I am checking from Configuration.yml as in Picture2, it is set as true. But I can’t see the button in the UI.

Can you check?

picture1.png (5.0 KB)
picture2.png (204.1 KB)


This issue is reproduced at our end. Therefore, we have logged it in our internal issue tracking system with ticket ID ANNOTATIONNET-2040. We’ll notify you as there is any progress update.


The repository that you’ve cloned is outdated and no longer supported. This WebForms demo is currently maintained.


We made a big project based on the code in the repository I posted. Now we don’t want to cancel it and look at a different project. After all, this is a project you uploaded and used, can you fix it?

The print button cannot be displayed in the project in the last link you posted. Although true is passed in the yml file.

Would you check?


I’m sorry for the delayed response. We’re looking into this issue and will update you here.

Hi, what is the latest status?


I’ve reviewed the code and found that this feature is not implemented. While you can set print in the configuration it won’t have any effect. We’ve planned to add this feature. The issue ID for reference is ANNOTATIONNET-2040.