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Are my eyes are getting blurry


I really like the look of GroupDocs and the performance and that I think it is the only previewer I have found that actually displays inline images as well as easy to get to attachments when viewing emails. However, the DocumentViewer to test with just shows me blurry documents. Even the pdfs that are automatically there.

Is it just me. I have added attachment with a screenshot from my Safari browser. This is the pdf file that is automatically there. I only selected it and did nothing else on that page. Notice how blurry it is.

Is it just me?



Thank you for your request. I have checked the issue with the Safari browser and the document viewed well for me. Which version of the browser you use?

Best regards.


Version 9.1 (11601.5.17.1)




Hi again,

Thank you for this info. Our Product team will investigate the issue and then I will notify you with the results.

Sorry for the inconvenience.