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ASP.Net Embed with 3.0

I want to have a viewer that looks like the one below. When I saw this, this is one of the reasons we purchased. I thought a demo or sample like this would be included.

Might you be able to give me some directions?


Hi Jemoritz,

Thank you for sharing your requirements.

We have open sourced the original front end in the form of an MVC example so the interested users can continue to use it (if they want). Please have a look on the Github Folder:

Additionally, we have release another New Front End example with some basic features:
<a href="">

<a href="">

Please feel free to give it a try and let us know your feedback.



I have looked at the open source front end, is there any way of adding zooming to it? And embed it into an aspx page. The new front end uses HTML and when I tried to move it into an aspx page I couldn’t get it to work. I am using webforms currently.


Hi Jemoritz,

Thank you for your feedback on the open sourced front end.

The concerned support developer will be looking into the points you raised and will get back to you soon. Please stay tuned.



Hi Jemoritz,

As far as New Front End is concerned, its HTML not using code behind file like aspx web form. It actually uses Jquery ajax to send requests to the generic handler with (.ashx extension) it acts like a controller. It process the request and then write back a response to ajax request. The jquery then manages the response accordingly.

For more information please visit here.

For zooming , various Javascript/Jquery plugins can be used. You can download an open sourced JS plugin for zooming purpose. Please click here to download.

We are also creating a Web Form (.apsx) based front end. We’ll release it soon.

Thank you

Warm Regards