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Aspose.Word Viewer features

I have the following questions regarding Aspose.Word Viewer:

  • Does the Viewer support Microsoft Word style Navigation pane?
  • Could the Viewer be embedded in a custom Web page as let’s say iframe?
  • Could the Viewer be used in an corporate internal Web application which runs on a network disconnected from Internet?
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We’d recommend you to use or implement GroupDocs.Viewer API to view or display Word documents.

Please note that the GroupDocs.Viewer is a back-end, UI-Agnostic API that could be integrated in any (.NET or Java) project without any tool or software dependency. It simply takes a source file as input and renders it to HTML, Image or PDF. Later, this rendered file could be displayed in the browser or any other application (e.g. Window Forms). Hence, you can develop or design your own navbar or navigation pane. However, API doesn’t support documents editing.

Yes, you can develop or integrate the API in a project. Please have a look at some open-source UI projects:

Yes, API is not internet dependent. Please explore any web application shared earlier.