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Atmosphere being optional



I wonder how can we get rid of the Atmosphere framework in 1.8.2. Can you provide the spring sample with Atmosphere integration removed?

Mariusz Pala

Hello Mariusz,

To disable Atmosphere first you have to set true to the groupdocs.annotation.disableAtmosphere option in the src/main/resources/ This is enough to turn Atmosphere off.

But to exclude it from the application (pom.xml) few next changes should be done:
Our product team works on the improvement of this part of the library. When something is changed in this area you’ll be informed.


The issues you have found earlier (filed as ANNOTATIONJAVA-744) have been fixed in this update.

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and what functionality is not available when Atmosphere is disabled? Are there any limitations?



Atmosphere library is used to provide real-time collaboration between users, when it is disabled the application does not send real-time requests to clients for state change. Users would need to reload page manually to see changes from other collaborators.


OK, so it looks like I need Atmosphere. I just don’t see how to integrate it with the connector implementation being instantiated per HTTP session. But that points to my other post about the connector integration issues.

Hello Mariusz,

The question about usage of the InputDataHandler with differentiation per HTTP session is already answered in that another thread, please read it there (