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Attached document takes 1min to open in Image Based rendering



attached document takes more than 1 minute to render in image based rendering while takes very less time in html based rendering,

my server configuration is well enough to work on this.

please suggest any possible way to render with high speed.
Puneet Rajak


Hi Puneet,

Thanks for posting your query.

I have created a ticket against your issue in our Issue Tracking System. We will start investigating this issue shortly. I have also linked the ticket with this forum thread so that you can check its status. Once the issue is resolved you will get the notification here.

Have a nice day

Warm Regards



Any update on this for us.



Hi ,

We are investigating this issue and once we will have any updates, we will inform you here.

Thank you for your patience.

Warm Regards,

Hi Support,

Please let us know status on this issue? Is this fix as part of v3.3 release?


Hi parthpatel,

It is a good news for you that most of the performance issues have been fixed in the latest version 3.3.0. Please download and try version 3.3.0 and share your experience.

As far as VIEWERNET-595 is concerned, we will notify you about its status shortly. Please stay tuned.

Warm Regards


I am not sure if you are using java or .net but in .net I have found a possible fix for your problem. Please note that I have only tested this on version 3.3.0

Look for this method:
public ActionResult GetDocumentPageImage(GetDocumentPageImageParameters parameters)

// Find the following line of code below. It should be at the bottom of the method. The bold part should be the only thing you need to add.

using (new InterProcessLock(guid))
// tell it only to convert the page required
imageOptions.PageNumbersToConvert = new List { pageNumber };

List pageImages = _imageHandler.GetPages(parameters.Path, imageOptions);
PageImage pageImage = pageImages.Single(p => p.PageNumber == pageNumber);
return File(pageImage.Stream, GetContentType(_convertImageFileType));

That seems to have fixed all my issues


Hi rdarling,

Thanks for sharing your solution on the forum. Your contribution is highly appreciated.

Warn Regards