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Azure Storage and Local Storage


Viewer is using our Azure storage (Set.StorageProvider) for cache. However, cache files also seem to be generated or copied to the local drive (SetRootStoragePath location) on the server, which has become a problem as its eaten up our drive space.

Is there a way for the cache files to only be on storage provider and not be copied locally? Or is there a particular reason it is being stored locally as well? If it needs to be local that’s fine, we’re just trying to diagnose the issue.

Thank you!



We are sorry to hear that you have this issue.

In order to investigate and reproduce the issue we need to know additional details.

Please provide us a part of the source code where the GroupDocs.Viewer initialization is performed. We need to know which methods (and their overloads) of the “Groupdocs.Web.UI.Viewer” class are invoked and in what sequence.

There is no need to post confidential details like URL, API or secret keys, just give us a concept, a general vision.

Also please tell us which version (assembly version) of the GroupDocs.Viewer you are using.

Thanks and waiting for reply.

Dim ViewerHtml = Groupdocs.Web.UI.Viewer.ClientCode() _
.TargetElementSelector("#TheDocumentViewer") _
.FilePath(Filename) _
.ShowThumbnails(True) _
.OpenThumbnails(False) _
.ShowDownload(False) _
.ShowPrint(False) _
.UsePdfPrinting(False) _
.ShowFolderBrowser(False) _
.ShowViewerStyleControl(False) _
.ShowPaging(False) _
.ShowOnePageInRow(True) _
.SupportTextSelection(True) _
.UseHtmlBasedEngine(False) _
.UseInnerThumbnails(False) _



It seems that you’ve understood us incorrectly. We need the source code not of the GroupDocs.Viewer widget, but of the GroupDocs.Viewer initialization, where you specify root storage path, storage provider etc.

Thanks and waiting for your response.