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We are testing group docs parser, and are trying to get barcodes from a PDF… We have one PDF that it is working with, that it finds the barcodes as images on a page…

Another PDF it is not even though the PDF’s are built by the same system, that is generating them…

Any help would be great.

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Could you please share more details? Do you want to extract barcode as a graphic or image?
Please have a look at this documentation article - Extract data from PDF documents.

Yes we’ve done what the documentation says… which is why we are asking for help in here, as it doesn’t work consistently… when parsing the PDF’s in question, it doesn’t see all the images that are clearly on the page including the barcode images … But yet on another set of documents of which are processed and generated by the same system that is generating the ones in question …it is working as expected…


Could you please share the problematic PDF? We’ll test that at our end.