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Block the download option and mouse right click save option

Hai Sir,
I am a .net developer, We are developing web application for document management system, I just want to block the Document download option and mouse right click save option in the document veiwer, will it available in the your viewer , kindly waiting for your reply,
Please Mail me with a reply to

Nithin Das H
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Hi Nithindas,

Thank you for showing your interest in Groupdocs.Viewer.

1st of all please let us know that what version of Groupdocs.Viewer is being used by you?

If you are using GroupDocs.Viewer 3.x. then I would like to explain that the new GroupDocs.Viewer is a UI-less API exposing only UI-less+back end document rendering APIs in which object oriented approach has been implemented in a very simplified way.

The 2.x versions was UI based versions but in 3.x the front end/GUI has been disintegrated. Now the Front ends/GUI are been open sourced in the form of sample projects. Users can make changes easily according to there need.

Anyways, please elaborate your detailed scene. Then we would be able to guide you properly.

Thanks in advance.