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Blurred pictures


viewing documents in GroupDocs is much more blurred than in Acrobat Reader or Office Online.

Especially when zooming in and viewing scanned documents (high resolution).

Our customers are unhappy about that and demand more sharpness.

Can this be done (without dramatically performance impacts)?

Many thanks in advance!


Hi Phil,

Thank you for your inquiry.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, from your query we are not sure about referenced API version. Kindly also share some API version details so we will investigate on right one, as we have different types of APIs and version for GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET. Details of API version information will help us in investigation and logging its issue for concerned team.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Warm Regards,

Hi Muhammad,

all versions are concerned. I am always talking about the latest (currently 16.11) if no version is mentioned (but it’s the same with our currently used one 2.1.2).

By the way, you could add a field with the API version a new post in the forum refers to.

Technically there seems to be a master PNG (rendered from the original document) with high resolution that is stretched to the client viewport.

The zoom level of the client can be higher than the resolution of the rendered master PNG, which results in very blurry documents on high zoom levels - even if the originals are vector graphics (e.g. text).

But the main problem seems to be the anti-aliasing on normal/light zoom levels. Acrobat Reader and Office Online have good algorithms to sharpen even non-vector graphics (compare documents with these viewers).

Might be ClearType or something like that.



Hi Phil,

Thank you for sharing details with us.

By the way, you could add a field with the API version a new post in the forum refers to.
We are discontinuing support for legacy products and providing support only for old customers who are using our API 2.x.x or below. We are encouraging our old users to upgrade their applications with Next generation APIs .We are in transition phase therefore we always confirm from users about version to avoid the confusion for both sides.

Regarding your point for blur image with zoom and your suggestions for improvements are noted and we appreciate your efforts , we will investigate it and will come back to you soon.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Warm Regards