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Blurry word document render in Image based rendering



I don’t believe the issue with blurry document raised in v3.2.0 version is still fixed.
unfortunately i am able to replicate this.
the earlier Ticket raised against it is
<span style=“color: rgb(76, 82, 89); font-family: “Times New Roman”, serif; font-size: 13.3333px; line-height: 18px; text-indent: -24px; background-color: rgb(221, 221, 221);”>VIEWERNET-479 - Blurry document in Image Based rendering Post

The suggestion mentioned that setting quality of imageOption would fix issue is not working for us.
I am using Quality = 100 and Type = JPEG.

all issues are replicate through sample solution of groupdocs.

Puneet Rajak


Hi Puneet,

We apologize for inconvenience.

Can you please provide us the sample image for which you are checking the ImageQuality feature? If yes, then we will be able to check the issue at our end properly. We shall be waiting for your response.

Warm Regards


Hi Usman,

Thanks for investigating the issue.

Please find attached 2 documents and 1 screenshot of issue we are facing right now with image based rendering.

If it works fine at your end than please let me know
  • your Testing browser version(IE preferred)
  • All config setting and other changes you made in Groupdocs Sample solution.
  • Any other solution or suggestion to fix this issue.
let me know if you require something else to further progress.

Puneet Rajal


Hi Puneet,

Thanks for being patient.

I have investigated your issue at my end and tested JpegQuality feature with different values. I did testing in both browsers, Chrome and IE11. In my case image quality is working properly. I have attached output of my testing in Chrome and IE11. Furthermore, please remove browser’s cached files and images and the cache (temp/cache folder) of viewer as well and try again. I am using following Javascript parameters.

filePath: ‘demo.docx’,
zoomToFitWidth: true,
showFolderBrowser: true,
showThumbnails: true,
showZoom: true,
showHeader: true,
showPaging: true,
width: 650,
height: 900,
// watermarkPosition: ‘Diagonal’,
//watermarkText: ‘全角’,
//watermarkWidth: 10,
useHtmlBasedEngine: false,
showDownload: true,
downloadPdfFile: false,
showPrint: true,
usePdfPrinting: false

And for JpegQuality, I am using ImageOptions in GetDocumentPageImage.aspx.cs file as below:

var imageOptions = new ImageOptions
ConvertImageFileType = ConvertImageFileType.JPG,
Watermark = Utils.GetWatermark(parameters.WatermarkText, parameters.WatermarkColor,
parameters.WatermarkPosition, parameters.WatermarkWidth),
Transformations = parameters.Rotate ? Transformation.Rotate : Transformation.None

Please check these settings at your end and give us your feedback.

Warm Regards