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Cached directory for webfarm


We have a web farm that is behind a load balancer.
We will create a shared directory on another server to be used as a processing/cache directory.

Is there a best practice to support document cache for this scenario? (for example adding and removing items from the cache and processing directories)

Is the caching affected by server restarts or IIS reset?

Hello Nicolasi,

Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs. IIS reset/restart doesn’t effect on the cache. As for the working with cache - we have a special class DocumentCache which allows all required operations, please investigate our documentation here.

Best regards.

Is there a way to disable the folder created using the document’s last modified date?

We will be using documents that will have a guid name and these will be retrieved through filenet.


Thank you for coming back. If you mean to disable creation of the “temp” folder or its sub-folders - unfortunately no. Such behavior will be possible in the next generation Viewer on releasing which we currently work. Since that I can recommend you to wait for the brand new Viewer and try with it.

Please stay tuned with our newsletters for when it will be available.

Best regards.