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When you give your envelope a webhook is there any data sent with that request? I was hoping that the webhook would send post data when the envelope was opened/viewed and at the different signing stages i.e. envelope has been signed and envelope has been signed by everyone.

I see that you can send email based on envelope status, is that the only option at this point? I would like to update my CRM when the envelope status is changed from sent to completed. Is that possible?


Thank you for your request.

Unfortunately, yes , you are right. At the moment the GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud API can send only emails with status of the envelope and this API not provided the callback method after sign envelope.
But you can check a status of the envelope, if you will use the GetSignatureEnvelope method . This method will revert a current status of the envelope . If the status is "5" , then the envelope is signed.

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