Can assembly save from a word template into a PDF output?

Without using the ‘Convert’ package is it possible to work with a word DOCX template then save the output into a PDF file?

This blog post seems to suggest you can

“3. Choose an output format and get completed documents that look like the initial templates” – But our developers cannot seem to figure out how to do this.



Thanks for using GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET. Currently, PDF file format is not supported by the API, please have a look at the Supported File Formats .

Currently, using GroupDocs.Assembly API you can use word document as a template and save it as presentation and other supported file formats. You can see an example here.

Furthermore, the blog post you have shared above is related to an obsolete version of GroupDocs.Assembly. We have now released the next generation GroupDocs.Assembly API which is a UI less, backend API for document automation and report generation. For more details about the next generation API, please have a look at the documentation. You can also evaluate all the features of the API using the examples project hosted here. Hope it helps.


We are delighted to notify you that, using GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET 18.9, you can now work with a word processing template and then save the output into PDF file as well as in other supported output file formats. We recommend you to install and use the latest version of the API.