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Can GroupDocsViewer-lifery-plugin embed documents in liferay-web-content?


From the Groupdocs doku:


"GroupDocs Viewer plugin for Liferay is now available for download from the GroupDocs Marketplace.The plugin allows you to embed different file formats into Liferay pages and view them."

Question: we want to embed office documents in Liferay-webcontent, not in pages.

Is this with GroupDocsViewer-portlet possible ?

(We have a Liferay 6.2 installation and the GroupDocsViewer-portlet- does currently not support this version, so I cant try this)

Hello Franz,

At the moment the GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud plugin for Liferay (GroupDocsViewer-portlet- supports only Liferay ver. 6.1 and can embedded only different file formats into Liferay pages. But we can review supporting of such feature that you asking for the Liferay 6.2 . Can you please share with us which the plan of GroupDocs for Cloud you plan to purchase?
Also you have the opportunity to check and purchase our GroupDocs.Viewer for Java stand-alone library and integrate it into your Liferay CMS.

Best regards
Evgen Efimov
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