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Can I use a powerpoint file which includes Japanese contents?


I’m now evaluating GroupDoc.Viewer.

I’ve uploaded a powerpoint file which includes 2 slides and each slide has Japanese text contents.

I tried to view the uploaded files but an error occurred with a message
"Unable to create an instance of the document. The format of the document is unsupported or the document is corrupted."

So I suspect that GroupDoc can’t treat Japanese files. Is that right?



I’m sorry to hear that you have such issue. Could you please share with me example of such file?

Thank you.


Hi, I tried to attach a file to this message, but I could not attach and got a message "You do not have permission to upload or link to files. Please contact your system administrator."

Could you give me the permission?


Hi Jack,

You can share it via any cloud storage such as Google Drive, DropBox etc.

Thank you.


I’ve located the file on Google Drive.



Thank you for the example. We will investigate it and then return to you.

Best regards.


Hi again,

I have checked the file and it viewed successfully . Please try to delete and upload it again, if this will not help you - provide more detailed step by step guide for how to reproduce the issue.

Thank you.


Thank you.

I’ll try again in a few days.

When I saw the error, I tried to upload the file by the API Console
and could not view the file.



Thank you for the details. I have uploaded the file via the API and it works well. Can you please share with me the URL that you use to view the document.

Thank you.



The url I am viewing is below.



Thank you for the URL. When you will upload the file please make sure that the file extension in the path property is correct, for example to upload the file to the root folder use such path /test.pptx by the way try to use English file name.

Best regards.



Thank you so much.
I understand the specification.

Best Regards,
Masto Setoyama


Hi Mastro,

You are welcome.

Best regards.