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Can´t open documents in viewer!


i am not able to open any document uploaded during the last 4 weeks. I get an error thrown whatever i try:

Screenshot_1.jpg (58.6 KB)

Screenshot_2.jpg (44.2 KB)
I used the ‚get in touch‘-Link in the to start this e-mail….

Please help - it´s urgent!
Groupdocs-User: ******* (mail removed)


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Hi @schlueter We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. I will check the file guid from the link above and will return to you shortly.

Best regards.

Hi @schlueter Sorry for the delay. I have checked the document (guid of which you have shared above) and I was able to view it successfully in my account. Since that could you please provide more info about it - how you uploaded it, is it uploaded from web via URL, or maybe its stored in some 3rd party storage (for example s3) which is integrated with the GroupDocs?
Will be very useful if you share a step by step guide for how to reproduce the issue.

Best regards.

Thanks for your effort.

The files were originally uploaded from a HTTP-source via the API (with PHP-SDK) and are stored in the standard Groupdocs-storage. Access then worked flawlessly over the dashboard and in the embedded annotation-app using the link provided above. Both ways do not work any longer, as I noticed today - the screenshots above show exactly what I see if I try…

I wonder why you can access my files in your account?!

Maybe there is something wrong with my account in general. Since I have a paid account, the red message saying “You have 0 days remaining in your trail of the individual plan” (seen in screenshot 1) is nonsense.

There was problem with upgrading my trail account to the paid version, too - something interfering with an old account, the sales team reported. Please check the account thoroughly.

Hi @schlueter Thank you for these details, I will check your account and return to you.

As fir the how I accessed your documents - Im access them not from my account, I access it from the server side directly

Best regards.

Hi @schlueter In addition to above, We have recently released Next Generation GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud APIs. It has more enhanced, efficient and improved programming structure. Please note currently only .NET and PHP SDKs are available for it, we are in process of publishing SDKs for other platforms as well. Please check following documentation for details and feel free to contact us for any further assistance.

Creating and Managing Account
Authenticating API Requests
Live Examples

As for your issue - We have logged this issue in out bug tracker system and our Product team will check whether it is reproducible in the new API and if it so - will resolve it.

Best regards.

Thanks for notifying me about the availability of PHP-SDK for the new API! I will have a look at it, but can´t switch to new platform until there ist an embedded annotation app for it.

BTW: for my actual issue i need a solution in the old system! Furthermore i need an reliable information, for how long the old system including the embedded annotation app will be available for
consisted customers. Is there a planned date for a shutdown of those services?

Hi @schlueter Thank you for coming back. Approximate term of the old apps and API shutdown is the second quarter of this year.
The issue will be fixed in a day or two.

Best regards.