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Can you tell how to do error handling on this particular file

Can you tell how to do error handling on this particular xlsx (517.3 KB)

Try to get first 800 rows of this page
List pages = _htmlHandler.GetPages(documentPath, options);


Thanks for using GroupDocs.Viewer. Would you please share with us the error details you are getting while rendering this particular file? Furthermore, please also share the properties along with the values that you are using for HtmlOptions. We shall be looking forward to your response.

we belive this is caused by spacing in orginal doc.The file is 4 mb,but when group doc create second page for it comes to 90 mb something.Html options you can give page 1 to 8 creation with each page having 100 rows


Thanks for your response. Would you please share with us the exception message that you are getting? Looking forward to your response.

Sorry i forgot to mention that no error occurs from group doc.But the second page is created with 90 mb file size, like i mentioned the orginal size of file is 4 mb.So our ui cant handle 90 mb page 2.Anything we can during group doc processing if it created page beyond certian size?


Thanks for providing the details. In that case, you can try to set a lower value for the number of rows per page using the following properties.

htmlOptions.CellsOptions.OnePagePerSheet = false;
htmlOptions.CellsOptions.CountRowsPerPage = 10;

It will create the Html pages with smaller size and possibly, you won’t get the issue in handling the pages in your UI. Please try and share your feedback with us.