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Cannot convert csv file to excel


I am using this code to convert csv file to excel format

static void Convert(string documentPath, string outputPath)

        using (Converter converter = new Converter(documentPath))
            SpreadsheetConvertOptions convertOptions = new SpreadsheetConvertOptions();                
            converter.Convert(outputPath, convertOptions);

but getting this error on converter.convert

Managed Debugging Assistant ‘FatalExecutionEngineError’ has detected a problem in ‘C:\Users\Tilanka\Documents\Example\GroupDocs\Conversion\ConsoleApp1\bin\Debug\ConsoleApp1.exe’.
Additional Information: The runtime has encountered a fatal error. The address of the error was at 0x69eee6f8, on thread 0x1b88. The error code is 0xc0000005. This error may be a bug in the CLR or in the unsafe or non-verifiable portions of user code. Common sources of this bug include user marshaling errors for COM-interop or PInvoke, which may corrupt the stack.

Can you please help me on this



Please share following details and we’ll look into this issue:

  • API version that you are using (e.g. 20.7, 20.10)
  • Problematic CSV file
  • Development environment details

the api version GroupDocs.Conversio -20.11.0
cannot attach the csv file here
development environment is visual studio 2019


If you cannot upload/attach it here, could you please upload the CSV to some cloud storage and share link here.

here is the link


We could not reproduce this issue at our end. Please have a look at this (5.8 KB). Could you please share a simple console application using that issue could be reproduced?

Hi Tahir
Here is the app


We couldn’t reproduce this issue. Please have a look at this (914.2 KB).

Please try this solution. Set or mark Use Managed Compatibility Mode option in Tools/options/debugging.

I have set these but no difference


Could you please share your OS details? Also, share a screencast or video that shows/covers this scenario.

My os is Windows10 home 64bit
Here is the link to sceenshot


We are still investigating this scenario and trying to reproduce this issue. Your investigation ticket ID CONVERSIONNET-4370, you’ll be notified as there’s any progress update.